Risk-Free Opportunity

The Supple Associates Plan was developed at the overwhelming request of loyal customers, physicians, small business owners, and people with fixed incomes as a way to help people earn significant discounts and make extra money. The Supple Associates Plan has the most financially rewarding, completely risk-free and easy-to-understand compensation plan in direct selling today.
The Plan was designed so all Associates would qualify for commissions immediately, with no costs to join, no purchase, sales or customer minimums, and no inventory. We provide training and support for free. Unlike most companies, we do not require you to spend hundreds of dollars a month on overpriced, unproven products and we do not sell you unnecessary motivational books, seminars, and business “tools.” Our governing rule is simple – eliminate all cash requirements to build a business opportunity. Provide an opportunity where Associates have nothing to lose and where there is only potential to make money.

How the Plan Helps All Associates

When you tell someone about Supple® and they use your Associate Number with their initial order, your Associate position earns 10% commissions for every qualified order that customer makes for their entire lifetime. Additional lifetime commissions are earned when people you refer tell others that order and so on down to 5 levels.
There is no limit to the number of people you can refer directly or how much in commissions you can make. Commissions are calculated as the value of orders times the rate at each level. Can you appreciate the earnings potential? Imagine how much you can make for years to come if you earned commissions every time your referrals at any level ordered Supple®. All you need to do is find one person that runs with this and you can make a good amount of money.
Use our calculator and see for yourself how much you can make if you earn commissions on sales to 5 people, 100 people, 1,000 people, even 15,000 people spread over a number of different levels. When you combine the multiplier effect of people sharing with other people, you can see that the financial earnings potential for all Associates is simply amazing.
Commissions can be paid in cash or discounts on future Supple® orders. If you want to only earn discounts, join the discount program. If you want to earn primarily cash, join our cash compensation program.
You can feel good about working with Supple. We are an internationally respected, cause-driven company. We only sell products that have key ingredients that are clinically proven effective and that are prescribed by doctors around the world. Making the decision to start this opportunity is easy. All you need is the desire to live healthier, help others, and improve your lifestyle.

Start making money today and for a lifetime.